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CARTO is an open, powerful, and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the key insights underlying the location data in our world.

Location intelligence finally intuitive

Empower organizations to optimize operational performance, strategic investments, and everyday decisions with CARTO Engine—our embeddable platform for web and mobile apps—and the new CARTO Builder, a drag and drop analysis tool to discover and predict key insights from location data.

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Improve customer satisfaction by 15%

Management consulting companies that work to improve the efficiency of wireless network development and telecommunication providers are able to increase revenue with CARTO. Using widgets and predictive analysis tools, companies can discover the best locations to place new towers to increase, by up to 15%, coverage, clients, and customer satisfaction while providing a 20% reduction from the original forecasted budget.

The power behind Location Intelligence

A one-stop shop of geospatial tools, services, and APIs for discovering and predicting the key insights from your location data, CARTO Engine empowers your organization with scalable analysis and enrichment solutions you can fully embed on your web and mobile apps.

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Predict the best alternative daily route for more than 200,000 affected people

As the MTA weighs its options for repairing the Canarsie Tunnel - which may include a full closure of the L train - CARTO started digging into open data to shed some light on how disruptive the shut down would be for the 200,000 daily riders. Using predictive analysis different feasible alternatives were determined, based on demographics and behavioral patterns.

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1,200 Customers trust us already

CARTO is a solid, sophisticated, and industry-compliant platform relied on by over 200,000 users and trusted by more than 1,200 customers all over the globe.

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