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Análise comercial e residencial de propriedades

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Identify where to expand, set up, and relocate through actionable insights

Visualize commercial and residential property locations for any urban metropolis using customizable dashboards and view detailed data indicators, like population density and economic output. Using CARTO, GROW.LONDON created interactive maps showing city development and insights on planned infrastructure.

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Research property locations for clients looking to purchase in major cities

Search through millions of government open data records using an intuitive and attractive data dashboard and visualization to find your perfect home or rental. Illustreets displays data using CARTO Engine to analyze and explore information, as well as distill and illustrate the most desirable locations for clients throughout England.

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Using Data Analysis to provide insights into rent rates

CARTO visualized with detailed U.S. Census data, from CARTO's Data Observatory, city Airbnb prices nation wide. Then, compared median Airbnb prices to median rent for every block in New York City. We find that clusters of high profitability in Manhattan center around Chinatown, East Harlem, and Manhattan Valley just west of Central Park. Williamsburg was the only large high-profitability cluster in Brooklyn, with a median Airbnb listing able to pay median rent in just five days.

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