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Real‑time visualizations with satellite imagery and data to analyze impact

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Mitigate climate change

The Carbon Calculator is an innovative online visualization tool that alerts users of potential contributions to selected areas. Using advanced analytics, all run on CARTO.js, The Carbon Calculator provides initial estimates on the amount of carbon currently stored inside, as well as the amount of additional carbon that could be sequestered through restoration.

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Exposing farmland for better results

Agroguía is an agricultural GPS guidance system, specially designed for fertlizers and application of herbicides. The system allows treatment without overlaps or leaving faults, maintaining the previous distance in order to save money, time and labor.

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Eric the seagull
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Visualize activity data from tracked animals

The GPS positions of the Lesser Black-backed Gull called Eric show that he changes his foraging behaviour to fulfil the growing energetic needs during the breeding season. When still incubating eggs in Zeebrugge, Eric mainly foraged in the agricultural areas to the southeast of the colony. This is just one example of how LifeWatch INBO uses CARTO to visualize activity data they are tracking from different animals.

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