Abranja do município ao país usando location intelligence

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Empower cities to mitigate climate change

Risk is inevitable for growing smart cities. How city governments mitigate that risk is what's important for ensuring safer, better, and smarter cities. Using open data from government agencies, Vizonomy launched Resiliency 2.0. powered by CARTO APIs. All of Resiliency 2.0.'s data is now open and available to cities all over the world. The climate risk platform uses CARTO's unique animated maps for its backend saving Vizonomy hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

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Add transparency to smart cities

Using geographical information Medellín, the second largest city in Colombia, developed a platform to serve all its citizens - public and private. Using CARTO APIs, Servinformación created Mapas Medellín for the Sigamos Medellín website. The data portal fosters stronger communication channels between government and citizens, which allows better access and transparency to smart city initiatives.

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Visualize city resources working in real time

Real‑time transparency showing where your municipal resources are going is the best way to ensure your citizens get what they need, when they need it. On January 3, 2012 the City of Chicago released Plow Tracker, an app that tracks the city's snow plows in real time using CARTO's Torque.js. The ClearStreets app was made available 12 hours before the mega storm descended on the city.

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